Want Colored Concrete?

Colored Concrete

Norsk Concrete’s Colored concrete is a decorative way to enhance your new concrete project. With expertise on color mixing and different color options, Norsk Concrete Construction will offer great suggestions to color mixes and choices that will best accent the surrounding areas of your concrete project. We use two different approaches in coloring your concrete:

  • Intregal Liquid Color - When we use the Liquid Color, you get a full range of stunning colors that are evenly distributed throughout the entire mixture of concrete, not just on the surface.
  • Shake-On Powder Color - When we use the Shake-On Powder Color, the color is applied by hand after the concrete is poured but before it hardens. This topical application of color uses pre-blended bags of granular color mixtures that will give you various colored patterns to the finished concrete.

Norsk Concrete Construction Colored Concrete Palette

Concrete Color Chart
Concrete Color Chart