Need Concrete Steps or Stoops?

Concrete Steps & Stoops

Whether you need a brand new set of steps/stoop or would like to replace an existing asphalt or concrete steps/stoop, let our professionals create a beautiful new quality structure that is attractive, durable and long lasting that you will appreciate for many years.

Norsk Concrete will execute the following actions when creating a beautiful set of steps/stoop for our homeowners and commercial customers:

  • Pull the necessary work permits according to your city ordinance
  • Demolish and remove any existing steps/stoop/landscaping material and haul away the debris
  • Set up forms
  • Install galvanized flashing per city code requirements
  • Install anchor bolts per drawing and add blocks as needed
  • Pour 4 full inches of concrete
  • Install hand railings per city code or if desired by our client (custom made railings are available upon request)
  • Spray with curing compound after concrete is set
  • Call for final city inspection
  • Remove forms and barricade with caution tape
  • Seal with siloxane sealer 28 days after completion at the owners request

* Depending on the weather, we suggest that you wait 24 to 48 hours before walking on the finished concrete and typically 1 week to drive on it.

Concrete Steps